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Toronto wedding photography sometimes means traveling to places just outside of the greater Toronto area. Patricia and Scott’s Engagement photos were done in Toronto, but their wedding took place in Hamilton at Winona Vine Estates. The weather was pretty hot that day, with the sun beating down on us and no breeze. Still, the bride, groom and their wedding party stayed on task. For the wedding photos, we went to Puddicombe Farms. On the grounds they had an old rustic train that made for a great backdrop. The rest of the wedding photos had to be done in the harsh sunlight. This is usually something that I try to avoid, but for Patricia & Scott’s wedding photos, it was something to be embraced. The light worked better that I thought. We exposed carefully, so as not to wash-out the highlights. Then in post I was able to bump the exposure back up to proper levels. This is a trick that wedding photographers sometimes use in order to preserve the highlights in an image. I just wrestle with the idea of shooting something with the idea of having to “correct” it later. Maybe it’s the old school photographer in me. In any event, it works great if you’re careful, and the results below show how it can control the contrast and maintain a more soft overall tone.

The reception decor was light, clean, and airy. An oversized frame and elegant chandelier served as a focal point behind the head table. Candelabras on each table made for great foreground elements for us to shoot-through, adding bokeh to many of the reception photos. The service and food at Winona Estate is always top notch. Patricia and Scott’s wedding is an example of everything going perfect.


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  • Robert SailMarch 29, 2017 - 8:39 am

    Some lovely wedding shots. It must have taken you a long time to get all those bridesmaid dresses lined up perfectly in the window. The couple must be very pleased with their shots.

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