Tiffany & Cooper – Toronto Distillery District Wedding

Tiffany & Cooper’s wedding took place in Toronto’s Distillery District. Their ceremony was held at the Arta gallery, and Reception at Archeo. Cooper’s a graphic designer by trade, and it was obvious from the perfect simple graphic theme that he’d designed, that he had put some thought into this! His designs were effectively simple, yet brilliantly effective. He’s a clever gentleman, with an extremely advanced sense of “smart design”.  One of the most difficult practices to follow when designing is “appropriate design”. Cooper is meticulous with this. I’m sure he suffers the same curse as many other designers do; spotting bad graphic design around every corner.

Bad design is everywhere…but it wasn’t here. Great job Coop!

There was a moment during the ring exchange that turned the mood dial a few notches. As the rings were about to be exchanged, a toddler’s perfectly timed “UH OH…” snapped the silence and drove everyone to laugh aloud! a few jokes followed, then the ceremony proceeded. These are the moments that just happen. You can’t script them, nor queue them, but you’ll never forget them.

I’ll never forget what happened at the very end of the night of Tiffany & Cooper’s wedding… As I had packed up my gear, I made my rounds of goodbyes to the family and friends. Cooper’s mother, Diane, was a particular person that I wanted to thank before leaving. I said a quiet good bye, when Diane turned and thanked me for putting in 110% the entire day. She then proceeded to speak my name “Jamieson Dean, everyone!”  both loudly and clearly to her immediate company. This was followed by the applause of a couple of tables worth of family & friends.  Caught off-guard, I did what anyone would do; I gave a stupid, almost sarcastic little bow with equal parts blushing and eye rolling. Coopers father then thanked me and complimented my work ethic and amiability. As a wedding photographer I’ve been thanked before, but never applauded!




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  • Sheldon IsaacJuly 15, 2012 - 8:08 pm

    This is my favourite of your blog posts. It incorporates so many different parts of the wedding day. Good job with lighting and creativity.

  • HeidiJanuary 18, 2013 - 12:15 am

    These pictures turned out beautiful. You did an amazing job for my friend, Diane. Thank you so much.

  • nitin rathodFebruary 27, 2013 - 9:57 am

    good photography.nice v nice

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