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Now that I’m officially booking 2014, I figure it’s a great time to add another wedding to the blogroll.

Stephanie & Ray’s wedding took me through a familiar route, down Church St, from Queen to King. In fact, I had to make a decided effort to avoid too many repeat shots from Lesley & Marcus’ wedding back in June. My personal policy is the same as many great comedian’s; 85% new material minimum! I was doing pretty well with that too…until that same damn empty TTC car was stopped in the exact damn spot as it was the last time I’d shot this spot! Well, who could pass on this for a couple’s wedding photos – even if I had done it before?! After all, I am shooting for my clients; not myself.

Aside from a familiar route for the photo shoot, everything else about Stephanie & Ray’s big day was very different from Lesley & Macus’ wedding. The Ceremony way at the Metropolitan United; a massive church in the city’s core. The reception was at one of the classiest venues in Toronto, One King West. The Vault is one of those must-have shots for couples having their weddings at OKW.

One other fun fact; I met Stephanie & Ray through Clarence, who has assisted me on many weddings. It was nice to see Clarence chilling as a guest at a wedding. I hope he enjoyed watching me bust my ass all day – sans assistance;) Honestly though, I barely noticed how hard I had worked, as I was truly having a great time with familiar faces. When I got home that night I realized that I had blisters on my feet. I never get blisters on my feet. Looking back, I do remember running back & forth between hotel rooms about 5 times (they were about a 5 minute walk and two elevator rides apart!), the urban hike-style shoot, the hauling of all of my equipment (about 110lbs in a plastic Pelican style case on wheels) from an underground parking lot a block-away… and just not really sitting down very much at all that day. Some days we work harder than others. Totally worth it though. I hope Stephanie and Ray think so too:)


1 King West Wedding

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  • Josh AtticksNovember 19, 2012 - 1:13 pm

    Totally awesome job! Love your style in every way. I bet your clints were trilled with these photos.

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