Stephanie & Ray – Engagement Session in Toronto

While there seems to be this current fad of wedding photographers constantly capturing the most sombre and droned-out expressions of their clients, I’m actually constantly looking for the opposite. Sure, if my clients really do walk around posing like drama-chic models then this would work…I generally find that most of my couples are quite fun though, and want to capture more of that free-spirited side of their personalities. Such was the case with Staphanie & Ray.

We did have a bit of a discussion before-hand about how we could best capture who they are. Stephanie’s a doctor, and Ray’s huge hockey fanatic… While I’m not such a fan of scripting things, it seemed like the best way to approach this shoot – at least for a small part. We tried for weeks for find an area that would let us shoot, with zero success. In the end we just decided to do the shoot at Eglinton Park, which happens to be near an arena…which we just happened to poke our heads into while shooting…when we got caught…but instead of getting kicked out, the maintenance gentleman actually allowed us to shoot on the ice.  Heck, he even set us up with a hockey net, sticks, and even a zamboni!

In the end, the shoot was so much more than we thought it would be. We were able to capture Stephanie and Ray’s fun side and true chemistry, as well as telling a little bit about who they are. This is more than just an engagement shoot; it’s a lifestyle session. I don’t expect to capture too many couples in such a “comedic” fashion, but I’m always looking to expand my creativity to new territories. I guess you could say that as a wedding photographer in Toronto, I’m game for anything!



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