Stella & Johnny’s Kleinburg Wedding Photos

When I shot Stella and Johnny’s Engagement Photos at Honest’s Ed’s, it set a new record for the amount to positive feedback I received from a shoot. It got to a point where I would hear other couples ask “you know who’s engagement shoot i LOVED?” and I would just say “…Stella and Johnny’s”. This reminded me of what I already knew; sometimes the couple’s natural chemistry is all that matters. Capture that, and you capture a couple perfectly. Sometimes this is easy, and sometime it’s more challenging. The same theory applies to a wedding day, in a nutshell. I was really hoping to repeat our performance on Stella & Johnny’s wedding day. I didn’t want to over-think it before hand, but I knew the pieces were falling into place when they mentioned a McDonald’s pit stop.

From Johnny’s old 442 and vintage(?) Datsun, to the stop at Mc’Ds, and Stella’s bright yellow shoes, the entire day had character. Stella and Johnny were exactly how I needed them: Themselves. They were a blast to work with during their Toronto engagement shoot, and just as awesome their entire Kleinburg wedding day.

My only problem was deciding which images to cut from the blog post! (I’m trying to shorten my posts)

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