Stella & Johnny’s Engagement Photos

The weeks leading up to the shoot, Stella and I were trying to come up with a location that I’ve never shot before. I had a couple of ideas, but the alley behind Honest Ed’s was all Stella’s. It turned out to have so many unique backdrops in such a small area, we didn’t ever have to hike very far for variety. The weather was as gorgeous as a wedding photographer in Toronto could hope for an engagement shoot. This was a relief as this spring has been one rainy day after another, and way too many engagement sessions have been delayed over the past few weeks.

One question that I’m asked way too often: “Do you shoot with Canon or Nikon?”.  For the last 7 years my answer has been “Canon”. That almost changed a couple of weeks ago when I was one button-press away from racking-up about $9,000 worth of Nikon gear, and a heck of a lot of Canon gear for sale on Kijiji! Instead of pulling the trigger on the switch, I decided to perform a much needed side-by-side Canon vs Nikon test. I might one day write about my findings and opinions from comparing the Nikon D3s with my Canon 1D Mark IV, but not here… Here I will say just one thing: On Stella & Johnny’s engagement shoot, I fell back in-love with my Canon:) It seems like Nikon has been getting a lot more nods lately, but after this shoot I was happy I didn’t switch.

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  • Stella LawMay 10, 2011 - 10:16 pm

    All I can say is LOVE!! You bring out the best in one of our favourite spots in Toronto and also manage to make us look pretty darn snazzy. I’m so incredibly impressed by your work and can’t wait to shoot our wedding pics with you!

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