Sally & Derek’s Wedding At Auberge Du Pommier Toronto

As a Toronto wedding photographer, I’m always looking for unique ways to tell the story of the wedding day. This is sometimes challenging, but sometimes it’s almost…simple! This was the case with Sally and Derek’s wedding photography. The day just simply came, and we tagged along and shot. We took control and setup shots when we saw opportunity, and of course there were critical moments to capture, but we mostly enjoyed ourselves and let the day be.

The plan for the photo shoot was my favorite plan; meet at an intersection and play it by ear! No permits. No rain location. No structure…and best of all, NO TIME LIMIT!!! The wedding reception at the Auberge Du Pommier was a lunch reception. The photography with the wedding party was the last thing on the agenda, so there was no rush. Ask 10 wedding photographers in Toronto what they hate most on a wedding day, and I’ll bet at least of them will say it’s when they’re rushed. The other 4 will be inexperienced fauxtographers who are just starting up;) This is actually advice for those who are less experience wedding photographers seeking knowledge: fight for your time. Always. Try to avoid a situation where you’ll be rushed. I know it’s not always that easy, but it really is that simple. Time to shoot trumps all.

I had a great time working with Dean from I also can’t thank Keith enough for all of his help. I guess big thanks also goes to Toronto firefighters, who saw us shooting and invited us for a few shots in their fire hall! We managed to win an international award from ISPWP for the wedding details of the bride’s bouquet & shoes beside the fireman’s helmet & boots:)

The Wedding Day Edit, courtesy of Studio 910 (

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