Rachel & Jay – Brickworks Toronto Engagement Session

Every year I see the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto changing as the Evergreen group continue to restore the old grounds into a modern gallery and historic monument.  Years ago, I would bring couples and wedding parties to the site for funky photo shoots. Back then (at the risk of sounding old!) we would have to hike through a beaten path, then duck-through a tear in the fence, hang-on to a tree branch then drop down a small muddy hill in order to crawl though a hole in the brick wall of the old factory. Once inside, we were greeted with intimidating graffiti, inches of dust everywhere, and ridiculous heat. Everyone’s natural instinct was to quietly tiptoe through the massive structure, wondering how long it would take  fear to overcome curiosity. We would sneak through the corridors, occasionally stopping suddenly to listen as a member would think they heard something…Possibly the echoes of another brave photographer. Airborne dust particles, lit by rays of light leaking through holes in the tin roof contaminating the beads of sweat on our surfaces…

There are two very different versions of the Brickworks that I have had the pleasure to experience. I’ll never forget the sense of adventure that the old abandoned grounds offered, but at the same time I’m very pleased with the restored facility. It offers photographers a unique location with plenty of variety. Most importantly, it’s now a safe option for a dramatic backdrop. I can’t believe the risk we used to take by bringing couples there before the restoration!

Rachel & Jay also remember the old site, and really had their hearts set on it for the engagement shoot. It was a blast to see these two in stitches as I played the role of “do anything for a laugh” photographer. I’m sure they would now attest that I’m not the most shy person in public! They’re reactions ranged from mild little giggles, to slightly embarrassed that they’re here with that guy with the camera. I’ll never forget how they both held back laughing when a pedestrian looking lost slowly and unknowingly bumbled his way right through our shoot…or how they both tried to hide behind one another when a group of people came walking up near us and I greeted them all with “Hello friends!” before discussing with the strangers that these guys are engaged…Anything for a laugh:)



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  • BrianMay 16, 2012 - 7:28 pm

    Beautiful images you have made for this couple Jamie! The 6th picture from the top did it for me…I can just image what was said or done to make them laugh like that. Love the whole set!

  • Susan AppletonMay 17, 2012 - 2:25 pm

    The pictures are just great. You look like you’re having so much fun together — the perfect way to start married life together. My favourite shot? The close up shot #27. Love to you both and can’t wait for the wedding1

  • ArdeanJune 12, 2012 - 4:31 pm

    First time coming across your site. I’ve only been to the brickworks once and only briefly. Lovely images. I’m inspired for an upcoming engagment shoot on the weekend 🙂

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