Melanie & Ryan’s Toronto Wedding Photography

What can I say? A wedding that went off without a hitch!

One thing that always impresses a wedding photographer in Toronto, or any other area for that matter, is when a bride and groom take a bit of a chance with style. Ryan certainly added his own personal touch to his and the groomsmen’s attire. I loved the bow ties and colourful golf socks! This was one funky wedding:)

Again, the non-specific urban photo shoot location provided some awesome shots. The entire wedding party was a blast to work with, and I swear if I had the colourful socks on, they would have had me standing right up at the altar with the rest of the groomsmen! Sometimes you all just get along like old friends – even if it’s just for the day! They were all so enthusiastic and happy to be there. This makes a huge difference when it comes down to it.

Although I won an international award from ISPWP for the last shot (the first dance image), my favorite shot of the day – no MY FAVORITE SHOT OF THE YEAR is actually the second shot, “Where’s Waldo?”.  This actually happened: We were shooting a wedding party shot when a skinny guy wearing a red white striped shirt walked into the frame…OMG! He looks like Waldo…He’s dressed like Waldo… THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN EVERY DAY!!!

I never did submit the shot to ISPWP, thinking that they might decide that there’s some sort of potential copyright issues. Either way, it’s down in my personal books as one of the most memorable snaps. Wedding Photographers; think about this the next time you’re waiting for that pedestrian to pass…Sometimes it’s that pedestrian that can make the shot interesting!

Palaise Royale Wedding

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  • Fernando ColaçoJanuary 30, 2012 - 7:22 am

    Perfect technic, great eye for the moment and composition. Control of color is fantastic. Really a very good work. Congrats.

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