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Toronto wedding photography is my main area, but sometimes wedding photography takes me outside of Toronto. In this case, I was a Toronto wedding photographer in Niagara on the lake. My assistant and the mother of the groom were in a different country for part of it. I’ve been looking forward to blogging Marina & Dan’s wedding for a while now, as there’s more to the story than just a bunch of wedding photos. I’m not even sure where to start…Let’s start from the end and work backwards:

My assistant and the mother of the groom were MIA for about four hours, as they were being detained in the US and questioned.

Let’s work backwards from there. Why were they being detained and questioned by the US border guards? Well, mainly because they tried to cross the border in my car, with only my ID, and couldn’t even tell the guards what each other’s names were. That makes sense; I would expect the boarder guards to be a bit suspicious in that case. But then the question of course begs; why were they trying to cross into the US?  Well, apparently when you’re THAT close to the border, a simply wrong turn can put you in that border crossing lane. So they didn’t mean to even approach the border, but were given incorrect directions from the third Best Buy sales guy who was trying to direct them to a nearby Futureshop. Of course we now are wondering; why were were the groom’s mother and my assistant going to a bunch of electronics stores…in MY car? That’s an easy one to answer; Marina and Dan had a slideshow on a Macbook that they wanted to play during the reception, but no mini DisplayPort to VGA cable to hook it up to the projector. I saw how upset this made them, asked my assistant to take my wallet and car, head to the nearest electronics store, and buy that cable. The groom’s mother needed a ride to the nearby hotel to grab something, and it was on the way.

So in the end, they did manage to stop-off at one more Futureshop and did find the cable! The slideshow happened, and we have quite the story. It definitely made for an interesting wedding day!

The reception was held at the beautiful Chateau Des Charmes in Niagara.


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Chateau Des Charmeschateau des charmes wedding


Dan’s mom and Clarence

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  • Daniel CamerApril 9, 2013 - 3:26 pm

    Very cool and sleek design to your website. Did you do it yourself? As a photographer in Toronto I’m always evaluating the work of other Toronto photographers, and I’ve got to say I’m impressed with every aspect of your website, Jamieson!

    Daniel Camer
    Toronto Photographer

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