Lesley & Marcus – Wedding Photography in Toronto

Lesley & Marcus had the George on Queen for their wedding venue. I had never shot there before, but after going through the motions of researching the location I knew it would be challenging. The fact is that I’ve seen other highly regarded Toronto wedding photographers completely fail here. The George is a funky little venue with tons of character, which also has some perfect traps for photographers! The biggest challenge was the massive red canape cover that loomed over the courtyard patio. I’m a big stickler for colour, and I pride myself of being able to overcome challenging photographic scenarios where many other might not…but that big red cover proved to be too much. The issue was having a red key light source from the sun passing through the canape that was actually out of the camera’s colour range. What this means is that when I brought the raw files back to the studio and attempted to adjust the colour to compensate for this, my Lightroom White Balance slider wouldn’t go any further. Not only that, but there was a second light source; the bright green light from the sunlight bouncing off of the garden foliage below…Pure red light from above, with bright green light from below…two opposing colours… Well done George. You win. For the first time in years, I chose defeat…

…I went Black & White.

Inside the George was a similar but completely different scenario; bright blue daylight pouring in from the windows lighting the front of the reception, with yellow warm indoor lighting taking over where the window light faded. At first it seemed simple; bounce flash. Think again; the low-hanging obstacle-rich black ceiling mad this a no-go. After experimenting with a few off-cam lighting techniques, I found my plan; balance the daylight from the window with daylight colour off-cam lighting until the window light fades. Once the window light was faded and the indoor lighting became key, switch to a 1/2 CTO gel, then a full CTO on the flash to match. Easy, right?

Lighting challenges aside, we actually had one of the most crazy photo sessions. We headed on-foot towards Front st, and shot along the way. I was aided by one of the most charismatic groomsmen that I’ve ever met, who wasn’t afraid to stop traffic and even sweet talk his way into having a TTC operator allow us onto his empty streetcar for some shots. Bride & Groom Pepsi Taste challenge? Why not!? Lesley did chose Pepsi, where Marcus chose Coke, for the record.

Front Street was congested by Woofstock festival, which made things a bit hairy;)

In the end, this is MY type of wedding. Just enough challenge to push me, with more than enough unique visual elements to produce one amazing blog post!


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  • Absolutely stunning shots and great captures around the city!

  • stacy squiresJuly 17, 2012 - 3:31 am

    these are great!!! nice work!!

  • MattAugust 13, 2012 - 12:10 am

    Fantastic! Just great, great images here. Keep up the awesome work!

  • James franklinMarch 12, 2013 - 5:07 am

    First of all nice clicks and photography plays a vital role in making any function or event successful and in wedding it’s like light and lamp which can’t be separated.

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