Estelle & Justin’s Engagement Photos

Okay…a little adventure is one thing, but nothing prepared me for the day that Estelle & Justin’s engagement session became. What started off as a sweltering hot summer day, ended as total downpour! We shot on Toronto Island, as this is the couple’s proposal site. In the end, we never did make it to the actual spot where Justin proposed. We did have a blast riding a bicycle for 3 (actually designed for 2!), splashing around in the lake, running with umbrellas, playing in the sand…I got hit by lightning… okay maybe not 😉 I slept like a big baby after this shoot. We were all soaked through & through by the time we boarded the ferry to head back. In the end, I would have loved to keep shooting with Estelle & Justin, but I made the executive decision to pack up the camera as it was getting a bit too much water and sand on it:(

Estelle & Justin, I can’t imagine having more fun while working! Thank you guys for being such awesome sports, and totally being down for whatever. Justin, I’m your guy if there’s ever an off-road tandem bicycle competition!


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  • Sarah WillettAugust 20, 2010 - 5:05 pm

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos and if these are any indication of what the wedding ones will be like, then I am even MORE excited for how lovely those will turn out. And I’ll be in them! BONUS! Beautiful! Stunning in fact!

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