It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything… Actually it’s been ages. Years. Far too long. I stopped because I was both busy, and content. I’m still busy and content, but it’s time for me to get back into the groove and share some of the incredible weddings that I’ve had the fortune to be a part of over the past couple of years. I’ll keep the blog post much shorter than before, as they used to get a bit lengthy. I’ll likely be posting in no particular order at all, and might even go back as far as 2014…

…And what better way to start blogging than with an amazing surprise proposal?!

Anytime I get the call from the Fusion Events team about a proposal, I jump at the opportunity. There’s nothing more exciting in this business than photographing a surprise proposal. Maybe it’s because I have to hide out of site, silently capturing one of the most emotional, candid moments of a couple’s life. Maybe it’s because it’s the beginning of something bigger. Or maybe it’s just such an amazing and interesting thing to witness. In any event, When Leo decided to propose to Emily, he did it right!

The Fusion Events team assembled an amazing, romantic, intimate setting for Leo to surprise his girlfriend. From the Eiffel Tower gobo, the lighting, rose petals and candles, some champagne, and a live vocal performance by Julia of the BPM Krew, no detail was left to chance.

Then the moment; the couple walked in, and Leo got down on one knee, followed by emotion and embraces – and of course a big YES! They had some champagne and had a moment to themselves before we emerged, revealing that Leo had even more surprises. I then took the couple for a brief engagement shoot on the Airship 37 grounds before the newly engaged couple departed for a night on the town!

Congratulations Emily & Leo!

For anyone looking to propose in a big way, contact the Fusion Events team!

Beautiful Shot by Wedding Photographer Toronto

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