I'm going to be super cheesy here, and quote myself from 2010:

"The ability to adapt is a photographer’s greatest asset. It means adopting new techniques as technology and artistic style is ever changing. It requires keeping a keen eye on what’s emerging, and having the wisdom to do the most difficult thing; abandoning what has become dated."

This quote is still on my website today, and has never been more relevant than now. Back then, I considered myself a "Strobist" wedding photographer. I created light where there wasn't. I would use lighting to create a more appealing scene than reality.

Things have changed though, and I find that there is more of an emergence of photojournalistic photography than anything. Instagram has fused and blurred the lines between stage and reality, producers and consumers.

In my life, photography is not just an art or hobby, it's my full time income. My business. I've seen more photographers fail than succeed when the winds of style shift direction. We either change our course, or be lost and forgotten.

This is why I've made the desicion to transition to my new studio, The Eastcore, as a part of a team of photographers. It's been gaining exceptional momentum, and has already eclipsed Jamieson Dean Photography. The photojournalistic style begs for us to capture real moments in time, without over processing them, but to present weddings as classic black & white prints. I'm excited and inspired by our new direction.

If you're interested in having me as the photographer for your wedding, please contact me at the Eastcore!