Ania & Maciej – Ancaster Engagement Shoot

I’ve been ridiculously busy since the end of August, so I simply haven’t had the chance to blog. September was a brutally busy month, with nine weddings. October is proving to be the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced, as I have an abnormally high number of couple all wanting their engagement shoots this fall. Needless to say, I’ve been going post-production crazy here! I actually calculated that I have 2/5 of my entire year’s work, all clustered within September and October this year!

I have decided that my blog is getting a bit stale, and needs a post or two, so I’m quickly putting a few shots up from Ania & Maciej’s Engagement Shoot that we did a couple of weeks ago. I will probably go-back through the more recent Weddings and blog some of them, I just need to stay focused on production in the mean time. I figure I should save some posts for the winter anyway;)

Ania and Maciej were a fun couple, who brought lots of great ideas to the table…and brought a table, literally. The lighting was perfect for the shoot, however it cam at the expense of an extremely chilly, hard breeze. I felt so sorry for poor Ania, who was all goosebumps. She was an incredible sport though, and there’s no denying that she looks completely gorgeous, no matter the conditions. Maciej stuck that perfect balance of knowing what he wanted in his photoshoot, but without being too overbearing. He trusted that I am a professional and let me do my job.

Watching the two of them was actually quite amusing. I think as a photographer, we get little glimpses into couple’s lives and compatibility. These two have a playful way of getting their own way with with one another. It was honest, humorous, and actually reminded me of an old couple who have already spent a lifetime with each other. I actually thought to myself; if these two aren’t ready for marriage, then nobody is! This is also why a couple of the shots might seem a bit…odd. They are kind of ‘insider’ shots, that really only have meaning to Ania & Maciej…Like the white pumpkin;)

After working with them on the engagement photos, I’m excited for this December, when I’ll be doing their wedding photography.

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  • Nadine FerracutiJanuary 30, 2013 - 11:41 am


    I am wondering where Ania & Maciej’s photos were taking in Dundas. The location looks really nice!


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