Anhar & Sheehan’s Wedding Photography At The Evergreen Brickworks

Okay…before I get criticized, I get it; the iPhone wedding photos have been done a thousand times before. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid photo ideas just because they’ve been done before. Sometimes clients like those photos, and that’s who I’m shooting for ultimately, so don’t give me no guff! This one was actually my choice, but there have been times when couples have requested certain shots that they’ve seen elsewhere. This wasn’t the case with Anhar & Sheehan, I just happened to have my iPhone, and decided not to avoid shooting a fun photo just because ever other wedding photographer in Toronto has done it at some point or another! I’ve had things work the other way around, where I have put lots of thought into creative, original photos – photos that have even won international awards – and then found other photographers replicating my ideas. It’s part of the industry. In the end, it’s not an image that defines me; it’s the sum of all of my images.

Enough about original photography ideas. Anhar & Sheehan’s wedding was actually way back in July. I’m only just blogging it now as I tend to focus on production in the peak season, then go back to blogging the weddings when things slow down. I also like to save a good few blog posts for the off season, just so I don’t have 35 blog posts in the summer then nothing from November to May!  Anhar & Sheehan’s ceremony and reception where both at Paradise Banquet Hall in Woodbridge. We headed to the Evergreen Brickworks for the wedding party photos. Most of the day was absolutely scorching hot, but this is usually the case in July!  My only real lighting prayer going into the day was to have a bit of overcast during the outdoor ceremony, as I don’t have any control over positioning. Not a cloud in the sky of course, and poor Anhar was almost blinded by the blazing sun while facing her groom during the ceremony:(  Either way, it was a beautiful ceremony, and we had a ton of fun shooting with the wedding party.

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