Angela + Kelvin Toronto Vintage Engagement Photos

Angela & Kelvin really reminded me that it’s impossible to predict how a couple will be as subjects. To be honest, after our initial conversations and meeting, I actually thought that they would be somewhat timid in front of the camera. This was because they were both very mild mannered, polite, and soft spoken. They were still all of these things during our engagement session, but they certainly surprised me when I quickly discovered that they both have very fun, playful and energetic traits as well. I thought it would take a bit of work getting them out of their shells, but I couldn’t have been more wrong…

We began the shoot at Abraham’s Trading inc. where we made fun use of anything that looked cool…including a cheeky cock & balls shot;) I can’t thank the owner of the store enough for letting us use his awesome location for the setting. It’s a really cool joint, and I recommend everyone check it out.

Our next stop was to rent a bicycle. Angela & Kelvin decided on the red bike, which ended up really looking great in the photos. Nice choice! We simply rode around the corner and snapped a few pics, which turned out to be a great addition to the shoot.

Finally, we headed to Yorkville for a few last pics. Something was in the air, as all the shop owners began to open their doors and helped out in ways I’ve never seen before! The girl at the Espresso Bar even gave them the drink and a rose at no charge!

When we stepped out from the espresso bar, I noticed a man walking towards us with a camera around his neck. Not just any camera though, it was the Leica M9. I think I must have looked like a weirdo to Angela and Kelvin when I stopped the man and struck a conversation. The thing about the Leica M9 is that it looks incredibly unassuming. It looks like a modest, almost out-of-date rangefinder camera. It must have seemed strange that the guy who has Canon’s newest $7,000 1DX around his neck was going crazy for the seemingly insignificant M9. I think Kelvin even asked “…isn’t your camera like thousands of dollars?”. It wasn’t until I explained that the M9 is just as expensive, but for different reasons. So here we were, the bunch of us passing around about $30,000 worth of cameras & lenses, almost missing the hours of operation of the last stop of our shoot! We walked into the diner at about 7:55. Again, the owners were gracious and helpful, allowing us to snap some shots around the diner. The last few shots became some of my favorites, as they completely captured the look and feel that Angela & Kelvin were after.

Going into Angela & Kelvin’s engagement shoot, I was actually still feeling the effects of a two day hangover which was the result of my good friends Colin & Carla’s wedding two days prior. Leaving the shoot, I thought to myself “Maybe I should start every shoot at the end of a two day hangover!” Everything just went that well.


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  • BrianSeptember 3, 2012 - 12:53 pm

    Beautiful story Jamie! Your engagement shoots are always a pleasure to see with a big smile on the face!

  • Colin BurwellSeptember 3, 2012 - 3:25 pm

    Love the similicity and prob-based shoot. It looks like not a lot of specific direction was given, rather just a nurturing of moments encouraged with good lighting 🙂
    Great work Jamieson.

  • KamSeptember 20, 2012 - 9:47 am

    Love the Vantage theme… I like to shoot at that shop some day. They look so relax and very natural… Happy for them.

  • Tony DexDecember 10, 2012 - 1:36 am

    I’m speechless, It’s nice to know talent like yours is right in this city. Awesome work!! I’m all smiles right now

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