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Our experience with Jamieson was awesome. Finding a photographer to work with was probably the single most important vendor we had to decide on for the wedding. Jamieson was professional, good-humoured, and has a fantastic eye for his work. He ensured that every moment was captured in the best possible light/angle.

Jamieson also worked with a secondary photographer at our wedding, Dave. He was also fantastic and shared Jamieson’s good-humoured personality, and talent.

Overall, we had a great time working with Jamieson and his colleague, and the photographs produced were amazing.

Bride & Groom Toronto Wedding Photography

What were you looking forward to most leading up to the wedding?

Leading up to the wedding, we were both excited to see family and friends. There has not been a wedding in either of our families for some time. We were the first of the next generation of kids to be getting to that age. As a result, we each had family from across the Canada, as well as the US and Europe, that we had not seen for a while, and would be flying in for a couple weeks.

We each also had friends with whom we kept in contact with, but had moved away for work/school purposes. It was a real treat to be able to reconnect with everyone all at once. That was what we were most excited for.

Canyou describe some of the details, style, and elements of your wedding?

We had a large, traditionally Polish styled wedding, with extended family and friends.

We had a romantic spring themed wedding, with the main colour scheme revolving around gold, blush, lilac and cream. Decorations featured lace, pearl and florals.

There was a live band, with a separate room for the bar. We wanted to ensure that our guests were able to dance, as well as have space to talk without having to yell over the music.

Why was photography important to you?

Photography was important to us because those are the images that will capture the memories from that night forever. The photo book is what you will flip through many years down the road to remind yourself, as well as share, with others, your experience and your wedding.

The photographs of that day will capture not only yourselves, but also your friends and family. They will remind you of the moments your had, as well as show you the experiences of others at your wedding.


We were pleased with all of our vendors, they are as follows:

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