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Jamieson is both a Modern and Experienced GTA Wedding Photographer. After leading as the head of photography for one of Toronto’s most successful and prestigious wedding photography studios, Jamieson is pursuing the industry as himself. His style is a fusion of his classic expertise in wedding photography, with modern fashion, chaos imagery, and candid moments. Winner of multiple international awards, his mission is to bring his clients out of their everyday selves and highlight their candid personalities. Even with years of wedding photography experience, Jamieson looks forward to bringing something extraordinary and new to every shoot. Jamieson only takes a limited number of weddings each year in order to provide the highest level of focus, creativity, and service to his clients. If you are interested in booking Jamieson Dean to shoot your wedding, please use the Contact form on this website.


Photography is a fluid art, always changing as styles pass and new styles emerge constantly. My philosophy is simple: Adapt, Adopt, and Abandon. To me this means that I am always learning; always open. The ability to adapt is a photographer’s greatest asset. It means adopting new techniques as technology and artistic style is ever changing. It requires keeping a keen eye on what’s emerging, and having the wisdom to do the most difficult thing; abandoning what has become dated. This is easier said than done for some. Often it means that years of learning to do something the “right way” have become redundant, and are now simply the “old way”. A strong photographer is one who is flexible enough to let go of that which truly does not matter, and is willing to abandon everything they’ve learned in order to learn something new.

I’ve been shooting weddings in Toronto since 2001. I actually co-founded one of the more popular wedding photography & video studios back in September of 2001, and helped to build it to what is still one of Toronto’s most successful and prestigious studios. When we first started we actually specialized in wedding videography, however my passion for photography eventually steered me into the head-of photography position with the company. I left that studio in 2009 in order to spend more time with my growing family, and to explore a more unique style of photography that could only be offered as in independent wedding photographer.

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Generally speaking, I think I try to pull inspiration from the mood of an event or subject that I’m working with. My goal is not to impose my style or mood onto a shoot, but rather to highlight and maximize the soul of events and subjects as they exist. I want to enhance and capture the dynamics that are already there; not alter them to conform to my own vision. This is important to me. I actually almost want to be a different photographer every time I shoot. Every person is unique. Every couple is different. By making the concious goal to capture “them” I am constantly adjusting my own style around the subtle cues that whisper inspiration. Every couple’s photos should be unique and appropriate to them. From the character of the images, to the location, and even the lighting.

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