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Olga & Alex’s Engagement Photos – A Toronto Wedding Photographer In Hamilton

Sometimes a wedding photographer in Toronto will find themselves shooting in the most unlikely of places. This was the case when Olga and Alex wanted to have part of their engagement session shot at the Heritage Warplane Museum in Hamilton. After shooting weddings in Toronto for the past decade, I’ve been open to the idea of traveling outside of the GTA for weddings and engagement sessions lately. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect at an airplane museum, but once I arrived inspiration was everywhere!

I’m sure Alex’s uniform makes the reason for shooting at the museum pretty obvious! I love when we can incorporate bits and pieces into a shoot that tell a visual story of who the couple really are. I loved the funky, almost retro dress with matching earrings and shoes that Olga choose to wear for the shoot, as it added a playful contrast to the otherwise “official pilot” theme of the shoot. Nice job guys! The only thing that slowed us down was when Alex got distracted talking “pilot” with other pilots and staff;) Seriously though, we had a great time, and the weather could not have been nicer, as it was the first real taste of spring.

After the Warplane Museum, we headed to Beasely Park in Downtown Hamilton for a more urban look. It felt just like shooting and engagement session in Toronto, complete with graffiti, old buildings, on-lookers, and…the stuff that the garbage man missed.

If you’re a wedding photographer in Toronto, I seriously recommend exploring Hamilton. You’ll feel right at home!

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