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Nisha & Jit’s Wedding

Nisha & Jit had a full day of ceremonies and events…with only about 30 minutes scheduled for photos in between. I accepted the challenge. I knew I would have to maximize all of my available resources in order to come away with enough shots to impress them. During our meetings, I warned that hair and makeup ALWAYS make us late, and with a schedule this tight it was even more important…and somehow we managed to stay on schedule! I wasn’t about to take chances this day; we went to a local park in Brampton that was only 3 minutes away, and I had Clarence setup my lighting and cover the reception details. I knew I would be going straight from the photo shoot to the grand entrance. Somehow everything went according to plan! Nisha & Jit’s wedding day is a testament to the importance (and reward) of good planning, communication with all vendors, and of course a great assistant! At the end of the day I thought “holy $#!t…we did it”


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