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Patricia + Scott | Toronto Wedding Photography | Winona Vine Estate Wedding

Toronto wedding photography sometimes means traveling to places just outside of the greater Toronto area. Patricia and Scott’s Engagement photos were done in Toronto, but their wedding took place in Hamilton at Winona Vine Estates. The weather was pretty hot that day, with the sun beating down on us and no breeze. Still, the bride, groom and their wedding party stayed on task. For the wedding photos, we went to Puddicombe Farms. On the grounds they had an old rustic train that made for a great backdrop. The rest of the wedding photos had to be done in the harsh sunlight. This is usually something that I try to avoid, but for Patricia & Scott’s wedding photos, it was something to be embraced. The light worked better that I thought. We exposed carefully, so as not to wash-out the highlights. Then in post I was able to bump the exposure back up to proper levels. This is a trick that wedding photographers sometimes use in order to preserve the highlights in an image. I just wrestle with the idea of shooting something with the idea of having to “correct” it later. Maybe it’s the old school photographer in me. In any event, it works great if you’re careful, and the results below show how it can control the contrast and maintain a more soft overall tone.

The reception decor was light, clean, and airy. An oversized frame and elegant chandelier served as a focal point behind the head table. Candelabras on each table made for great foreground elements for us to shoot-through, adding bokeh to many of the reception photos. The service and food at Winona Estate is always top notch. Patricia and Scott’s wedding is an example of everything going perfect.


Patricia + Scott | Toronto Engagement Photos

It’s been a cold few weeks, so I thought I would post some images from an engagement photography shoot that remind me of summertime in Toronto! For Patricia & Scott’s engagement shoot, we went to Kew Gardens in Toronto. The weather was as it should be; warm and sunny. This location is great for an engagement shoot, as it has a bit of everything in a small area. There’s the park/gardens, the beach, and even a little uptown urban area to add variety to the shoot.

Patricia & Scott didn’t show up empty handed. They brought along a bottle of champagne, which the did share with their photographer:) This is always a great way to begin a shoot. The bicycle was a prop that they had brought just to add a bit of character to the shoot. I’m not a huge fan of props, but something like this works great. Most importantly though, we all had such a fun time shooting. Maybe it was the bubbly, but it really didn’t feel like work at all.

The wedding was this past season, and I think I will post some images from it directly after this blog post. Until then, enjoy remembering what summer looks like!


When Arthur K of Fusion Events has says he has a great couple and he needs a wedding photographer that can handle it, I know he means it’s going to be a big, loud party. That was exactly what Erin and Simon had. It was one of the most energized weddings that I’ve been a part of in recent memory. No shortage of music, movement, and ear-to-ear smiles.

Being a wedding photographer in Toronto sometimes means doing weddings just outside of the GTA. The Royal Ambassador in Caledon is one venue that it worth the short drive outside of the city. It’s one of few places that can host a large wedding and also facilitate a great photography session on the grounds. On Erin & Simon’s day, there was no shortage of sun, which looked prefect shining through the willow trees.

There was a certain closeness that I could see in Erin and Simon. I wish I could say that all couples have it, but I just notice it more with some couples. It was the way they were always kind of smiling with each other… I guess it’s the way it should be. They definitely make each other happy, and it showed in every single photo. This may not be something that anyone else notices, but for me it’s the highlight of the photography. This connection that a married couple should have is somehow more rare than you would think. This connection is the very core of what I try to capture at a wedding. Often, I can be heard encouraging couples to “focus on each other” during our photo shoot. Over and over again, I’ll repeat. Sometimes couples look unnatural focusing their attention on one another. Erin and Simon looked perfectly happy and natural doing this, and the reward is something that reflects that in their wedding photos.

Arthur and his team did a fantastic job, as usual, making sure that every detail was perfect and on time. At the end of the night, the couple was so happy with Arthur that they picked him up for a quick photo.

Wedding Photography Toronto

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ANJA + JORDAN | Cambridge Wedding Photos

Anja & Jordan’s wedding was in May of this year, and was outside of Toronto. I had already had the honour of being Jordan’s sister’s photographer at her wedding a couple of years prior, and was thrilled to get the call from them about Anja & Jordan’s wedding. Being familiar with the entire family made the entire process feel like a big reunion.

The wedding was held at Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate in Guelph, which is one of the most impressive churches. The simple size alone is incredible. I could swear there are clouds forming on the inside near the ceiling. The couple had their photos at their reception venue, Whistle Bear golf club in Cambridge. It’s kind of funny, but I’ve never liked shooting at golf clubs. I guess I always felt they are the least interesting locations for a photo shoot; Grass, trees, sky… That’s about it. Contrary to this, I really liked Whistle Bear. Anja had already discovered a couple of cool spots on the grounds that gave us some interesting backdrops. Add to that the fact that Anja & Jordan are both simply great looking people, and suddenly the golf course photo shoot works!

Lady Immaculate Guelph Wedding

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything… Actually it’s been ages. Years. Far too long. I stopped because I was both busy, and content. I’m still busy and content, but it’s time for me to get back into the groove and share some of the incredible weddings that I’ve had the fortune to be a part of over the past couple of years. I’ll keep the blog post much shorter than before, as they used to get a bit lengthy. I’ll likely be posting in no particular order at all, and might even go back as far as 2014…

…And what better way to start blogging than with an amazing surprise proposal?!

Anytime I get the call from the Fusion Events team about a proposal, I jump at the opportunity. There’s nothing more exciting in this business than photographing a surprise proposal. Maybe it’s because I have to hide out of site, silently capturing one of the most emotional, candid moments of a couple’s life. Maybe it’s because it’s the beginning of something bigger. Or maybe it’s just such an amazing and interesting thing to witness. In any event, When Leo decided to propose to Emily, he did it right!

The Fusion Events team assembled an amazing, romantic, intimate setting for Leo to surprise his girlfriend. From the Eiffel Tower gobo, the lighting, rose petals and candles, some champagne, and a live vocal performance by Julia of the BPM Krew, no detail was left to chance.

Then the moment; the couple walked in, and Leo got down on one knee, followed by emotion and embraces – and of course a big YES! They had some champagne and had a moment to themselves before we emerged, revealing that Leo had even more surprises. I then took the couple for a brief engagement shoot on the Airship 37 grounds before the newly engaged couple departed for a night on the town!

Congratulations Emily & Leo!

For anyone looking to propose in a big way, contact the Fusion Events team!