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ANJA + JORDAN | Cambridge Wedding Photos

Anja & Jordan’s wedding was in May of this year, and was outside of Toronto. I had already had the honour of being Jordan’s sister’s photographer at her wedding a couple of years prior, and was thrilled to get the call from them about Anja & Jordan’s wedding. Being familiar with the entire family made the entire process feel like a big reunion.

The wedding was held at Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate in Guelph, which is one of the most impressive churches. The simple size alone is incredible. I could swear there are clouds forming on the inside near the ceiling. The couple had their photos at their reception venue, Whistle Bear golf club in Cambridge. It’s kind of funny, but I’ve never liked shooting at golf clubs. I guess I always felt they are the least interesting locations for a photo shoot; Grass, trees, sky… That’s about it. Contrary to this, I really liked Whistle Bear. Anja had already discovered a couple of cool spots on the grounds that gave us some interesting backdrops. Add to that the fact that Anja & Jordan are both simply great looking people, and suddenly the golf course photo shoot works!

Lady Immaculate Guelph Wedding

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  • Sharan - Everyone are so filled with joy and love.Great work!


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything… Actually it’s been ages. Years. Far too long. I stopped because I was both busy, and content. I’m still busy and content, but it’s time for me to get back into the groove and share some of the incredible weddings that I’ve had the fortune to be a part of over the past couple of years. I’ll keep the blog post much shorter than before, as they used to get a bit lengthy. I’ll likely be posting in no particular order at all, and might even go back as far as 2014…

…And what better way to start blogging than with an amazing surprise proposal?!

Anytime I get the call from the Fusion Events team about a proposal, I jump at the opportunity. There’s nothing more exciting in this business than photographing a surprise proposal. Maybe it’s because I have to hide out of site, silently capturing one of the most emotional, candid moments of a couple’s life. Maybe it’s because it’s the beginning of something bigger. Or maybe it’s just such an amazing and interesting thing to witness. In any event, When Leo decided to propose to Emily, he did it right!

The Fusion Events team assembled an amazing, romantic, intimate setting for Leo to surprise his girlfriend. From the Eiffel Tower gobo, the lighting, rose petals and candles, some champagne, and a live vocal performance by Julia of the BPM Krew, no detail was left to chance.

Then the moment; the couple walked in, and Leo got down on one knee, followed by emotion and embraces – and of course a big YES! They had some champagne and had a moment to themselves before we emerged, revealing that Leo had even more surprises. I then took the couple for a brief engagement shoot on the Airship 37 grounds before the newly engaged couple departed for a night on the town!

Congratulations Emily & Leo!

For anyone looking to propose in a big way, contact the Fusion Events team!

Sophia + Nick | Toronto Greek Wedding Photography

Toronto WeddingSophia & Nick’s wedding was supposed to happen on a nice warm, clear sunny summer day… Instead, it rained. Following the Greek ceremony in Toronto, they had an amazing outdoor wedding reception planned on the family’s old farm property. Every single detail was painstakingly hand crafted, and had a rustic charm. As a a wedding photographer, I had plenty to visual candy to consume. Although I would have preferred more time and less rain, we were able to work well with what was in front of us. Thankfully, the rain held-off until the reception under the big white tent began. Once the reception was under way, I was reminded pretty quickly that there’s no better food than Greek food! Not to insult any other culture, but that late night gyro station was probably the greatest single food item I’ve ever devoured. I was also reminded of just how crazy the Greek folks can get on a dance floor. I’m sure I actually saw some flips happen, which is impressive, given the amount of alcohol that was consumed! Rain or shine, we had a great time, and the wedding was an absolute success.GroomGroomGroom Getting ReadyGroomGroomToronto GroomWedding RingsBrideBridal MakeupBrideBride Getting ReadyBride HairsprayToronto Wedding DressBrideBride Putting On EaringsBride Walking Down StairsToronto BrideToronto Greek Orthodox WeddingOld Greek LadyGreek Wedding TorontoToronto Greek GroomBride ChurchGreek Wedding TorontoGreek WeddingBride At ChurchBoy At Wedding CeremonyGreek Wedding CrownsWedding CeremonyJust MarriedOutdoor WeddingNature WeddingOutdoor Wedding TorontoVintage WeddingSophia & NickOld Farmhouse WeddingFarmhouse Wedding TorontoBride in old houseBride & Groom HouseCreative Weddings TorontoToronto Wedding PhotographyToronto Wedding PhotographersCountry Wedding TorontoWedding PartyBride Groom TorontaToronto Wedding PhotographyWedding Photography TorontoWedding TorontoOutdoorsToronto Outdoor WeddingWedding FlowersWedding IdeasAn AppleWedding CandidsThe BarOutdoor Wedding IdeasKids at weddingsMore CandidsMore Candid Wedding PhotosWedding DetailsReception DetailsToronto Outdoor Wedding ReceptionWedding Details TorontoBride & Groom EntranceBride & Groom Grand EntranceWedding SpeechWedding Food 1Wedding Food 2Wedding Photography TorontoWedding Photographer TorontoWedding Photographers TorontoToronto Wedding PhotographerToronto Wedding PhotographersWedding BandFirst DanceWedding First DanceFirst Dance WeddingGreek DancingGreek Wedding DancingDancing Greek WeddingGyros Greek WeddingKids At WeddingGreek Wedding ReceptionGreek Bride Toronto

Mandy + Lu | Toronto Vintage Engagement Photography

Vintage Engagement Shoot

Meet Mandy & Lu. Mandy is from the US, and Lu from Toronto. When we were discussing their engagement photography, they wanted to include some component of their Canadian/American relationship, and the traveling theme. I had already done Union Station and used flags as props for another couple who had a similar request. Mandy and Lu are also very fashion-forward and the shoot had to be stylish. We through some ideas back and forth, and then when the idea of a road trip with a classic American car surfaced, we knew we had our vision. We planned a 50’s era shoot, and sought after some details. The Diner seemed like a must have, however there just didn’t seem to be any available diner that was in the right location, with the right look, and the willingness to allow us to shoot. I ended up calling the Wimpy’s Diner in Scarborough, and they were more than happy to host us. Awesome:)

The car was a very similar story; we knew what we wanted, but nothing seemed to check all boxes and be available at any decent rate… Then I met John Cilia at an unrelated engagement shoot in Markham. John had a 1956 Cadillac convertible that he was showing. He let us grab a few shots and gave me his card. The car was perfect. I mentioned the mint green Cadillac and John to Mandy and Lu, and they loved it. We contacted John and he was gracious enough to meet us at the Scarborough Bluffs with the car for the engagement photos. All I can say is that it couldn’t have worked out better. It couldn’t have fit our vision better. Sometimes things have a strange way of working out and presenting opportunities even after every other avenue has been exhausted.

Mandy & Lu’s wedding is coming up next weekend, so I thought it would be nice timing to blog the engagement shoot now. If anyone is interested in renting the Cadillac for either their own wedding, or a photo shoot, there’s more info on John’s services HERE.



  • Marie - WOW i love your work! Wich lens Did you use for these shots?

  • Gillian Hersh - Lovely!

Natalie + Tim | Wedding Photography


In my last post I talked about some of the struggles that I’ve been going through, and how Tim unknowingly inspired me to find the will to face them. I now want to focus on one of the most inspiring wedding events that I’ve ever had the fortune of covering; Natalie and Tim’s “Access-a-Wedding”, as they put it.

Wedding Photography in Toronto has been good to me over the years. I’ve been able to witness some things that I never would have otherwise. I’ve shot over 300 weddings as a Toronto wedding photographer, many unique in their own ways. Why it took 9 years before having the privilege of covering the wedding so unique, I have no idea, but it was a privilege none the less.

I met Natalie and Tim when I was the photographer for Natalie’s brother Cooper’s wedding. Their family was so caring and open that I really became close to everyone in a way that doesn’t often happen as a wedding photographer. When I learned that Natalie and Tim were engaged, the idea of covering their wedding intrigued me. After 9 years as a wedding photographer, anything that is different or challenging is a good thing. I was happy when Natalie and Tim contacted me with their wedding date, wondering if I was available.

I had probably thought about Natalie & Tim’s wedding and engagement session before hand more than any other event that I’ve ever covered. I found my self thinking about things, ideas for the shoots months before. I spent time visualizing the shoots, in an attempt to prepare. In the end, I realize that I thought too much. This is often the case with wedding photography I find; over thinking things can be more damaging than good. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have a few ideas ready to go, but nothing beats being in the moment with the couple and letting the creativity come. I really found this worked best with Natalie and Tim’s engagement shoot, and tried to continue with it on their wedding day.

Of course once Natalie & Tim’s wedding day came, so continued the ridiculous record run of rainy wedding days that I was having. I think it was about the sixth in a row by this point. Nonetheless, rain or shine we were having a wedding. The entire wedding took place at the Evergreen Brickworks, and featured an amazing level of hand-made visual elements. Natalie’s wedding dress was created from scratch by herself. The green theme was accented in almost every element of the wedding. There were even a few serendipitous existing visual elements that seemed so perfect that we had to include them, like the “2040 Personal Mobility Concept Vehicle” that touched on both the mobility theme and the green accent. Sure, it would have been much nicer had the weather cooperated, but we were finding plenty to work with inside the Brickworks – even  if we were limited to the small corner that was ours for the night (there was also some sort of festival taking over two-thirds of the building and bringing in droves of people). Sometimes obstacles are really opportunities in disguise.

When  all was said and done, the uniqueness of Natalie and Tim’s wedding had nothing to do with disability. The most unique element was the purity and whole-hearted love that not only their families, but also every single one of their guests exuded. I mean that in the most honest way possible. I went into this thing with my assistant Keith, using the term “the wheelchair wedding” (not in a negative fashion, but as a preparatory reference), but we both look back on it as an enlightening event that showed us what the human spirit is. What family is. That being good has nothing to do with religion or beliefs, or even acceptance. It has to do with embrace, commitment, and love. These are the qualities that empower us. These are the powers that enable us, and nothing can disable one who has these powers flowing through their very core. I wrote in my last post that Tim is not disabled; that he’s enabled… Now you know why. I hope one day you get to meet Tim so that you can see all of this for yourself. In the mean time, here’s a great place to start: therosecentre.ca 


  • Heather Bunt - Fantastic work Jay!

  • Phyllis Eisenstadt - These pictures are touching beyond words; they are unique as the couple is.

  • Alicia Flack-Konè - Thank you for sharing these photos to the world! Alicia, Canberra Australia.

  • Lisa Provençal - Beautiful on so many levels! I love your work

  • Wang Junsheng - It is a uniquely great wedding. After I saw these photos I was deeply moved by the love between the two children. Natalie is a great, beautiful girl. As their Chinese friend, I wish them happy forever!!!