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Anhar & Sheehan’s Toronto Engagement Photos

The Bay-Adelaide building is one of those locations that I’ve always wanted to try a few shots at. As a wedding photographer in Toronto, I have passed-by this building dozens of times. Every time I saw the amazing modern lobby I would wonder if I would ever have the chance to sneak a couple past security for a snap or two. That chance came while I was with Anhar & Sheehan, walking up Bay st. We noticed that there was a bit of commotion to the east of the building, and that security seemed scarce (and distracted). There was what appeared to be a film being shot right beside the building, leaving the perfect opportunity for us to quickly sneak in for a few shots! I have to admit, at first I was in such a panic to shoot fast that I almost forgot everything that I knew about photography. I quickly put the camera in something that I don’t think I’ve even tried before with my 1DIV – put it in auto! What a mistake that was. After a quick breath, it was back to manual and a bit of concentration. I was expecting to get in a shot or two before security noticed, but was actually about to get as many shots as I wanted, security almost non-existent. After about 5 minutes in the building, I decided not to push my luck and the three of us exited. That’s one more of those “one day…” locations, off my list;)

Bay-Adelaide Centre: Check.

Truth be told, the entire shoot was a blast with Anhar & Sheehan. My goal (as always) was to deliver a solid shoot with something familiar, something funky, something nice, and something new. I’m totally happy to say that all four were accomplished:)

Anhar & Sheehan, thanks for the adventure!


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