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Amy & Ricky – Wedding Photography Toronto

Amy & Ricky’s wedding was exactly what I hope for in a wedding photo shoot; overcast sky, lots of time, and a great plan with a couple of locations. I’ve shot at the locations before, and to be honest I think that might be partly the reason for delaying the actual posting of their wedding on my blog. I just like to keep as much diversity in my portfolio as possible, and their wedding was shot as the same location as Mel & Ryan’s. When I actually look at the shoots though, I realize that I’ve accomplished one of my goals as their wedding photos look very different. Believe me, it’s difficult to shoot in the same location over and over and avoid replicating yourself as a wedding photographer!

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  • Natalie - Butter StudiosApril 4, 2012 - 11:47 pm

    Tons of creative shots! My favourites are the magazine ones and the pigeon ambush… hilarious 🙂