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Alice & Byron’s Afternoon Tea Party Wedding

As a Toronto wedding photographer, you know what my ideal wedding is? An afternoon tea party in high-style, with a fashion conscious couple, and no wedding party. Seriously, Alice and Byron could not have made things easier for us. Nothing against the couples with big, loud wedding parties, but it can get exhausting after a while, competing for the attention of the very subjects you’re trying to shoot. Not at this wedding though. Alice and Byron are pretty quiet themselves, and with no distractions and plenty of time, we were able to truly cover some cool shots.

The afternoon tea party idea was amazing. Not only was it completely unique, but Alice and Byron had so many cool little touches added everywhere. From the “traveling Lego bride & groom”, to the school work-book inspired program, there were little details with big heart everywhere. Andrew Richard Designs was also an amazing venue, again from a photographer’s perspective. The open white interior includes huge windows running the entire length of both walls. Any weird shadows you ask? Nope. The south-facing windows are frosted, effectively diffusing the chance of this, and also serving to balance the amount of light from the north windows. Using any of my off-cam lighting or strobes would have been purely redundant, and probably even destructive. There are plenty of venues that are “anti-photographer” in terms of providing light or even lighting options, and I work harder than many when it comes to those. Sometimes you just gotta take the freebies when they come! I would almost think that Andrew Richard Designs was designed by an event photographer if I didn’t know any better…



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  • Reza EvolMay 22, 2013 - 2:18 pm

    You’r photography, shot after shot is forever inspiring!

  • JewelAugust 5, 2013 - 11:32 am

    Such a lovely couple…May you have a wonderful life together.The photo shoot was definitely A+….fresh!!!